Integrated FlexTeller Benefits

tellerAtris Technology provides a solution that extends well beyond the teller line, automating back office operations which would otherwise rely on manual processes to collect and analyze important information. Whether streamlining GL balancing or preparing senior management reports, FlexTeller makes a favorable impression throughout a financial institution.

Management Benefits

Tellers are the primary point of contact for bank customers who prefer a “high-touch” relationship. As a result, management must ensure those client relationships are handled with efficiency and consistency across all locations and teller windows. FlexTeller solves management concerns by automating bank policies for teller line personnel. This includes appropriate funds verification checks, automated reviews of critical account information, or automated transaction posting to consistently affect account balances. Tellers rely on FlexTeller to ensure appropriate “know your customer” policies are followed with the display of important customer information and prompts during any transaction. While each customer banking relationship may be different, FlexTeller correctly identifies these differences and ensures tellers manage the customer – and the related account – correctly. In addition to serving customers, management can automate policies associated with cash handling limits for tellers, including per drawer or per transaction controls. Such restrictions can be applied to the experience level of each operator, allowing management to closely monitor the activity of a new employee versus a seasoned head teller. All bank policies controlled through FlexTeller are parameter driven, allowing the financial institution to modify various policies should needs change over time. Beyond customer/account policies, management can leverage the wealth of information collected through FlexTeller. All teller data is archived to a centralized SQL database and accessible for analysis. Atris provides a suite of reporting analytics, including:

  • Teller & Branch Balancing totals to cross-reference against GL reports.
  • Teller transaction activity across single or multiple business days.
  • Transaction activity tallied on a per hour basis to identify staffing needs at each location.
  • Analyze a specific group of accounts and their cash (or non-cash) activity to identify trends.
  • Aggregate cash activity of all accounts to identify persons who are subject to FinCEN reporting, based on taxpayer identification number.
  • Comprehensive log of Monetary Instruments purchased including buyer, pay to, and cash amounts involved.
  • Audit of OFAC inquiries performed through FlexTeller.
  • Branch cash on hand totals to improve management of bulk currency orders.
  • Review transactions involving supervisor overrides to ensure appropriate use by personnel.
  • Audit report of all users and assigned security access levels.

Reports are presented through Atris Administrative tools, accessible from any browser within the financial institution. Reports may also be scheduled and automatically delivered to key personnel. All data results are also available for export to Excel for additional analysis.

Processing Benefits

When processing transactions, different tellers may have different needs: new employees require a system which is easy to learn and ensures policies and procedures are integrated with their workflow; in contrast, experienced tellers may require fast performance and the ability to serve complex customer transactions in a single step. FlexTeller is designed to address the needs of all users with varying levels of experience. FlexTeller navigation provides intuitive interaction by simple to follow menu selections; employees can drive their transaction using either a mouse or completely mouse-free operations for maximum speed. Transactions feature automated balancing routines to catch teller – or customer – mistakes and prevent costly deposit corrections. Account inquiries feature efficient display of important data – including Stops, Warnings, etc. – and eliminate the need to “drill down” when locating critical information. Inquiries are capable of delivering images such checks for account history, display of scanned signature cards, even customer photos to eliminate requests for identification. Even system access is simplified – FlexTeller integrates with Windows Active Directory to eliminate the need to remember an additional password. When not processing customer transactions, FlexTeller makes end of day procedures a snap with quick drawer countdown and balance summaries – additional steps such as rekeying information into separate spreadsheets can be eliminated. Furthermore, should a next day audit be required, teller journals are available for bookkeeping personnel in a searchable electronic format instead of paper teller tapes.

Customer Benefits

Consistency, reliability and predictability are the cornerstones of creating long-term relationships with customers – if a company can deliver a high level of service each and every time, it can expect better customer retention and loyalty. FlexTeller is built on this foundation to make the right impression for every transaction. Customers being served at a FlexTeller window experience efficient operations from bank personnel: tellers do not walk away from their window to complete complex transactions, do not request additional identification from customers, nor do tellers perform manual notations on various documents. Because each window works at maximum efficiency, bank personnel can focus on cross-selling opportunities. While some customers enjoy the “high touch” relationship provided at their local branch, others living in the digital age expect new technologies with their banking transactions. FlexTeller drives these efficiencies as well, including email receipts delivered to the customer’s smartphone as they leave the branch. Reliable FlexTeller operations help financial institutions develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with every customer interaction.