Teller Capture Solutions

tellerFinancial institutions have realized the benefits of image-based distributed capture through a variety of acquisition channels including teller, branch and remote deposit. While each methodology presents a different set of opportunities, Atris Technology delivers an efficient banking experience for the end user, regardless of touch-point.

FlexTeller21 – front counter capture.

FlexTeller21 is an extension of traditional teller transaction processing with the additional benefit of capturing document images at the moment of presentment. Image-enabled tellers verify transaction balancing using powerful amount recognition software to pre-fill teller input fields and keep teller lines moving. Internal documents such as cash slips or general ledger forms are inserted “virtually” into the imaged transaction, eliminating unnecessary document costs and handling.

Key Benefits include:

  • Teller capture can process transactions with fewer keystrokes
  • Customers are ensured their deposits are accurate
  • Costs for internal cash slips and bank forms can be slashed
  • Support for large volume depositors keep teller lines moving
  • Resources dedicated to back counter scanning can be reallocated
  • Data processing personnel can focus on more complex tasks

FlexTeller21 supports a variety of check scanner models to ensure transactions are completed according to targeted processing times. Extremely large deposits can be deferred for later recall, including the opportunity to distribute deferred scanning to adjoining teller windows and eliminate the costs associated with additional back counter hardware.

Financial institutions attempting to proof teller transactions at the back counter – or centrally – remain at a significant disadvantage. FlexTeller21 eliminates duplicate document handling, costly deposit correction notices, and the waste of additional resources allocated to traditional POD processing. FlexTeller21 inserts balanced transactions into the data stream like any other distributed capture system using the standard x9.37 format, supported by all major check image vendors.

Unlike other image-enabled teller capture systems, FlexTeller21 remains true to the needs of tellers to limit training demands placed on personnel. Transactions are processed with a minimum of complexity and document scanning remains a background process unless bank-defined rules require teller interaction. With a history of software designed to accurately anticipate teller workflow, FlexTeller21 completes transactions quickly, efficiently, and with the accuracy necessary to deliver distributed capture to financial institutions of any size.

Distributed workflow.

Large deposits are no challenge for tellers using FlexTeller21. Tellers can choose to electronically distribute bulk deposits to other desks within their branch for completion. If desired, large deposits can even be transmitted to operators off the line for completion, allowing teller lines to keep moving. This solution also eliminates costs associated with additional “back counter” hardware.  

Additional Integration.

Unlike stand-alone solutions deployed by item processing vendors, Atris Technology has the unique ability to integrate traditionally processed FlexTeller transactions with back counter image capture. This integration provides validation that all items have been accounted for at the time of capture and balance back to the original teller transaction. This immediate verification eliminates error corrections identified by other departments and ensures all items are accounted for at the time of scanning.

Atris Technology’s back counter solutions can also support overflow from front counter processing with FlexTeller21 deployments. This ensures every transaction is completed within acceptable customer wait times while limiting hardware costs and is most effective when per-item deposit counts have large variances.

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