FlexVerify Account Monitoring

VerifyFlexVerify demonstrates a financial institution’s commitment to customer account security and to providing efficient access to information for its personnel.


Management Benefits

  • Automatic display of customer photo and signature card ensures verification policy is consistently followed
  • Exposure to fraud is greatly reduced
  • Teller transactions are completed more rapidly
  • Images are acquired using “passive” capture methodologies, resulting in a positive customer experience
  • Special instructions unique to an account can be included
  • Frequent branch visitors can be prioritized on each account to further streamline inquiries
  • Photo and signature identification records can be created for frequent customers who do not have an account ownership at the financial institution


Processing Benefits

  • Automated image transfers to branch locations include streamlined archiving functions for subsequent inquiries on the same account, eliminating unnecessary bandwidth usage and data archiving
  • An unlimited number of customer images can be added per account
  • Advanced lookup features allow personnel to locate customers based on granular searches such as telephone number or partial taxpayer identification number
  • Bank-wide access ensures information is available at any department
  • Ability to restrict edits to certain records
  • Seamless FlexTeller integration ensures system use during critical teller transactions
  • Quick-view history list of recent inquiries to assist with rapid access
  • Depending on policy, image archiving can be based on signature snippet of each customer or account level signature card images
  • Digital signature acquisition enables document preparation to include signatures as an automatic function within the account opening process (when used with FlexAccounts)


Download the FlexVerify product sheet.


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