Card Management

flexATMFinancial institutions are often challenged with managing data located in separate silos. This can be true for bank personnel who work with ATM and debit card products. Information including client name, address or phone number are often entered more than once when issuing new cards or when performing changes to existing customer records. Not only are additional resources required to support dual entry, but opportunities for error and inconsistent information across separate systems will be an ongoing concern.

The Card Management module from Atris Technology will bridge this information gap. Bank personnel will only enter their cardholder information in the core banking application where the necessary data is then collected and transmitted to the card network vendor, enabling “single point of entry” for card maintenance functions.

How does Single Point of Entry work?

The Card Management service processes large blocks of core account data to identify new cards added, changes to existing card (or cardholder) information, or account closures. Because each core banking system is different, Atris integration specialists utilize multiple data collection methods to acquire the desired information, typically without the need for a “host interface” and the corresponding fee. Depending on the core banking system in use, clients may utilize custom fields to hold certain data elements, or input data into their core in a manner unique to their operations. In both cases, Card Management includes extensive field mapping to customize data access wherever necessary.

As the Card Management service identifies each add, edit and delete from the core banking system, the corresponding record is created and transmitted to the debit card vendor in their proprietary format which may include web services, ISO or secure ftp. Banks can also control the type of data being transmitted – for example, instant issue cards may upload new record information to the debit card vendor but without a PIN mailing request.

With a fully automated Card Management service, there is no need to learn new applications. Personnel simply interact with the core banking system they are accustomed to and review the same debit card vendor maintenance reports they have typically used, all while the Card Management service quietly processes your data. The result is less effort and greater accuracy for years to come. This approach makes for a much simpler implementation and provides transparency between disparate banking systems.

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